Sunday, September 13, 2015


We had a pretty shit cat experience a few months back. Being from a land where there just isn't anything that's going to eat your pets, we really didn't expect that wild animals would be roaming the streets. 

Sadly, up here, there are wild animals roaming the street. Coyotes mostly, but a month ago I did see a photo of a bear in someone's driveway a few streets over. Ermmm....

Anyhow, we've learned our lesson, and having an outdoor cat around here is a pretty stupid thing to do. Poor Nala had an ace life with us, albeit a short one, and I'm sure she's chasing moths up in kitty heaven. 

After spending a week crying because I was the most crap cat owner in the world, my friend Emma found out that she & her family were on the move, and shifting from Toronto to Japan - and their beloved Digsy wasn't able to make the move with them. After we had to rehome Boomboom & Puma when we moved, I totally understood how she was feeling, and asked if maybe she wanted him to come and live with us (after promising that he'd never go outside & get eaten by anything). 

Digsy got on a plane in Toronto, and made an epic cross country journey to Kelowna. 

After a month or so he's warming up - he comes out at night to watch Trailer Park Boys and hang out with us, and he's even starting to show himself to the kids (who scare the crap out of him with their noisy feet upstairs). 

And luckily he's never been outside, having lived in an apartment for his whole life! Hurrah! He doesn't know what's out there, so can happily live a fabulous life, safely inside the house. 

And he even camouflages with the rug. 

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