Saturday, September 5, 2009

A cunning plan...

I've been reading Elizabeth Pantley's book 'The No Cry Sleep Solution' for some handy hints on helping my lovely little pumpkin with falling asleep...he's so super at night in his cot, but during the day he'd just really rather stay up & play with me - even though his eyelids weigh a tonne & won't stay open by themselves! I also need to work out how to get him to nap in his cot (currently he naps in his lovely, but he's growing at a rapid pace which could mean the hammock won't be an option for much longer!)

I've been pinning his teddy to the side of the hammock, he snuggles him & chews on his ear (the pin is to stop him pulling teddy onto his face, which he did once & gave himself a terrible fright! Teddy is quite incapable of smothering him, I did a trial by smushing teddy into my face to see if I could still breathe. Bet that's an interesting image...). Anyhow, even with Teddy's assistance naps in the cot are still a no go.

Enter the latest cunning plan. In this splendid book I'm reading, Elizabeth Pantley suggests that
" If you have a small, safe stuffed animal you can tuck it in your shirt for a few hours, and then place it in the cradle while the baby sleeps..." She has a nifty website full of interesting bits & pieces too, worth having a wee look..

Today Teddy & I shall have some bonding time! The plan is if Teddy smells like me, Jarvis will be comforted. I like it!

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