Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Hut in the Sunshine

Jarvis & I made a hut today. He mostly supervised the construction, but it was a hut for he & I to play in in the sunshine (but out of the sun since he doesn't really care for sun in his eyes!). Unfortunately no photos today - the camera was out on important business!

We gathered all sorts of excellent building materials for our hut - the clothes drying rack, two outdoor chairs, a handful of pegs, a blue silk sleeping bag liner & a polar fleece blanket with teddies on it. The floor was made of yoga mats & we took a few treasures in with us - Ebu the elephant & Jarvis's favourite wooden curtain rings (excellent for gnawing on).

We spent an hour or so in our hut - watching the sleeping bag liner flutter in the breeze (Jarvis thought this was amazing & squealed every time it billowed!), sang songs, had cuddles & had a lovely time...

I think we might just have to do it again tomorrow :)


  1. Wooden curtain rings is genius!!!

  2. That sounds like heaps of fun! Might have to try that when the warm weather comes back...