Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We're Back! Part one - Jarvis aka 'Houdini'...

We have returned! My grand ideas of blogging whilst on holiday were foiled by a disagreeable computer (which has now been remedied...I went shopping for my inlaws & they now have a fully functional computer!).

A few adventures to report on, so I'll do it in a few parts...I can't find the camera right now, so photos will have to come later. Finding it could be a challenge as the house is looking kind of like that horrible little tornado that got Ramarama yesterday has come a visiting. But with a roof.

My plans of getting Jarvis to use his awesome hut while we were away lasted a day. Mister tricky discovered that he could roll over, do a bit of a shuffle, and commando crawl out the door!! He was 'napping' on the first day of our holiday when we heard a rustling sound, looked in & found him halfway out the door. Hmmmm. He doesn't like being zipped inside, so the tent had to be abandoned in favour of the hammock - from which there is no escape.

He's really becoming quite mobile, rolling around the room to get to where he wants to go, doing crazy shuffly things on his puku, making me think he might not be a stay in one place boy for much longer...It was his six month birthday on Sunday, where has the time gone?!

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