Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jarvis and his conversation with the moon.

At 3.30 this morning Jarvis had a long & involved conversation with the moon. He had woken for a feed at 3, happily been tucked back into his cot, and after lying there for a couple of minutes gazing around the room, started his conversation.

The full moon was on Sunday, so the moon is still nice & big & round, and last night's clear sky meant that around 3.30am the vineyard was completely lit up...and our somewhat dodgy venetian blinds couldn't stop the silver light sneaking into the bedroom.

What on earth could Jarvis & the Moon be discussing at 3.30 in the morning?

  • Maybe they were discussing the tides, and how a rock in the sky can control so much water
  • Maybe he was asking why it's so very hard to sleep when the moon is full?
  • Maybe he was getting a bit of first hand knowledge about the moon & how it helps things grow (Hey, the kid lives in the middle of a biodynamic vineyard. It's to be expected!)
  • Maybe he was thanking the moon for making everything look so silvery & pretty
Whatever it was, he was chattering away for about forty five minutes, giggling and laughing, blowing bubbles, then he said goodnight, let out a big sigh, and fell asleep again...

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