Monday, October 19, 2009

Jarvis & the Thunderstorm.

(A poem for my small friend).

The sky was blue, the clouds were white,
The wind a gentle puff
When suddenly the sky turned black,
We moved just fast enough!

Jarvis saw the rain-drops fall
As big and fat as grapes,
His eyes grew round and sparkled as he
Watched the dancing shapes.

Then thunder rolled & crashed around,
And shook our little house
But Jarvis didn't cower,
He just wanted to get soused!

Sheet lightning flashed and cracked its way
Across the charcoal sky,
Jarvis's feet were flailing fast
He squeaked out happy cries!

The petrichor smell filled the air
And filled his wee nose too,
It seemed to make him dance some more
As lovely smells can do.

Then just as fast as it appeared
The black sky turned to blue,
The storm was gone, and Jarvis thought
"I'll go to bed now, too".

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