Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainbow Chard

Jarvis & I spent yesterday morning playing in the sunshine (as it was sunny, not raining or blowing or anything else hideous). He found a most exciting new toy to chew on, some fabulously crimson rainbow chard from the garden.

His little face was wonderful when he spied it in the garden, every evening Shane takes him wandering around the garden to touch all of the plants, I'm guessing from the reaction that this one must be a favourite. I carried him over to the plant, he grabbed a handful & shoved it into his mouth (it was still firmly attached to the ground), so I did the kind thing & picked it for him.

Such happiness! He waved it around like a fan, scrunched it up to hear what noise it made, explored it to see what happened if he put a finger in one of the holes made by a greedy caterpillar, and finally started chewing on the red stalk with crazy gleaming eyes.

I'm really looking forward to next spring, when he can help me out with the garden. I think he'll be quite the assistant!

1 comment:

  1. Send your assistant this way! Mine is only interested eating dirt, at least Jarvis goes for actual foods.