Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Goodness, how naughty - no post since last Wardrobe Wednesday! It's a bit of a rush job today too, I'm off to Australia this evening, all by myself, for a conference!

Shane & Jarvis will no doubt have a wonderful time while I'm away, doing Man Things like hunting for tigers in the boon-docks, cooking possums on the barbecue, that kind of thing. I'm a curious mix of nervous & excited, the Kindermusik conference will be fabulous (and spending a few days in a lovely sunshine coast apartment will be quite fabulous too!), but I do wish my lads could come along. I've got my aussie sim card all ready to go, and as their mobile calls are much better value than ours, I'll be able to call & text to my heart's content :) 

I'm even taking the Ancient Camera (that one which had to come out the day the real camera got busted), so hopefully there'll be a few sunshine coast pics to post when I get back (right now I'm writing in lieu of the WW photos uploading to the computer...the new camera is fab, but takes a seriously insane length of time to transfer to the computer. Not cool. Right now it claims it's going to take another 24 minutes). With any luck there'll be some awesome Man Things pics too ;) 

And finally it loads! Excuse the laughing smile ;) One of the vineyard guys walked past & started doing model poses as I tried to say we were taking a picture so that Jarvis doesn't forget what I look like while I'm away! 

Top - Karen Walker (lovely, lovely husband bought it for me as a wedding present!)
Skirt - My sister kindly gifted it to me, originally from Principals
Belt - Same same, many many ;)
Little boy - in his pjs! 

Right, off to do important things (like actually finish packing...) 

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday!! Hopefully next week I'll be rocking the wonderful dress I made last week...


  1. You look lovely! That top is gorgeous! I want one!

    Oh wow, have an awesome time in Aussie! I'm sure your boys will be counting down the days until you get home again :o)

  2. CUTE top! I want one too!

    Have a great time in Aus!

  3. have a great time in aus and enjoy the alone time!!!

  4. Love the shape of the skirt especially the assymmetrical?? hemline ( I mean the way it's on an angle!)Great idea to wear the belt with that top to show off your waist.

  5. love love love the top, its gorgeous. Have a great time in Aus!

  6. Beautiful outfit and I love that you're in the garden, bare foot, au natural x Have a fabulous time!

  7. Heh. Shoes are gone again : P
    That top is so pretty and the obi works perfectly with it. Very cute outfit.