Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday to you all! 

Today's ensemble is a dress which I loved the fabric of so much that I really didn't care that it's a bit big...nothing that a belt & some pins doesn't sort ;) If it didn't have drawstrings all over the show I'd take it in - but the drawstring waist AND drawstrings in both shoulders mean I'd have to totally deconstruct it & start again. I don't think so! Belt & pins, here we come. I might hand sew the top to make it a bit less voluminous sometime soon! Merino icebreaker top underneath (spring, where are you?), obi belt from kilt (on which I modelled the other four I've since made), and a pair of tights I think I stole from mum. 

No shoes again - one day I'll surprise you all & actually have some footwear involved. Fluffy hair c/- Jarvis (who has hidden my straightening irons. Why is his the only room with a power point & mirror in close proximity!), awesome looking iams green bin is a toybox which blocks a certain gentleman from climbing up onto the little desk & throwing the freeview box onto the floor. 

As it's looking so pretty, I'll credit the painting behind me lovely hubby bought it for me as a birthday present back when we were a two income/zero children family - by a fantastic kiwi artist/designer who goes by the name of Flox. It is absolutely beautiful, the woman is a genius. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone's Wardrobe Wednesday blogs today!! Have a good one :)


  1. you have a flox painting!!! and you look great. double whammy!

  2. dress looks great. and yes that is an awesome painting!

  3. That dress is gorgeous, as is that painting! Very cool.

  4. Loving the dress Kathleen - it reminds me of Kirsten Morelle's style (Goldenhorse). I also love the cushion. I have a bit of a thing about pithy dialogue on cushions at the mo. Good problem solving on the whole keep Mr away from the electronics do what you can eh?

  5. That dress is really lovely - too big or not : )
    I also adore the painting. Checked out her site and am really wishing I had more funds so I, too, could own such a stunning painting for a backdrop!

  6. Hi Kathleen
    So nice to see you at home...and looking pretty.
    I kinda forgot, so here I am in the playground!

  7. Hi Kathleen, thank-you so much for stopping by and for your kind words :) I've enjoyed looking through your blog as well--you take such beautiful photos! I'm glad that my photos of Toronto brought back some nice memories :)Would love to travel to New Zealand sometime, it looks like such a gorgeous place. ps. very cute outfit!