Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!


And it's Wardrobe Wednesday again already!! Where are the weeks going? Today's photo's actually from Sunday, when it finally stopped raining for a day & we went on a playground expedition :)

Dress - Ezibuy
Cardi - my fave, made of a terrible synthetic fabric but the most wonderful shape ever. Thrifted after many, many months of hunting.
Another obi belt (obviously I rather like obi belts!)! First time ever! And maybe the last, my most wonderful wonderful shoes have officially carked it today. My wonderful husband bought my campers for me years ago, and I've worn them a million times since. Sadly, they've given up :( 

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday! To check out what the other lovely ladies playing along have been up to, visit Clare's blog :) 


  1. wow a dress for a playground adventure!! I commented to a friend recently that my daughter doesn't want to wear dresses and they replied, well does her mother!!

  2. Very cute! and you're right- the cardi is perfect!

  3. That first pic is just the sweetest! Another really lovely outfit - you do so well wearing dresses all the time. The colour of your belt goes so nicely with your dress.

  4. Aww, it's seriously lovely to read such nice comments! I just love wearing dresses...I'm in the process of making another couple at the moment ;)

  5. I love your dresses, this one is so pretty. And Campers are wonderful, I got some with paper dolls on them (on one foot one was a boy!) in Spain a few years ago, so comfy!
    I ended up looking rather more mumsy than I felt today...sigh...perhaps it is the humidity or the fact that I am in a final days haze...