Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Oh, what a cake. So much coconutty goodness. 

My cake didn't actually look ANYTHING like the photo of the cake. I took a photo of the cake in the recipe book; after realising that mine, despite tasting fab, looks like a pavlova which has collapsed then been poorly disguised with twelve litres of whipped cream. Too hideous to even consider photographing. 

Even the cream wasn't quite as I'd anticipated IT man with very inopportune timing called just as I put it in the mixer, and just didn't understand 'I really have to go for a sec'. Continuing to talk is not helpful when my cream is quickly transforming into sweet & coconut laced butter. Hmmm. (and about your destruction of my wireless connection, Mister IT man, uncool. Very uncool. ) 

At least the oven proved itself - we'd been a little concerned about it, and have only just decoded the curious symbols explaining the different functions (thanks, Stacey!). Cake was cooked fabulously.

Anyway, you should buy this book & make this cake. And all of the other cakes. My super awesome husband bought it for me for my birthday, and just looking at it makes me happy (although eating the cake whilst looking at it is wayyyyy bettter). It is GORGEOUS. 

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm cake. love cake. love book!
    (sounding like a neanderthal!)