Monday, April 9, 2012

Jarvis turns Three!

Three? How on earth did I wind up the mother of a three year old!?

One fabulous cake, care of Nana Anne (awesome cake maker to the stars). Lightning McQueen & friends. 

One gorgeous party with a few lovely friends. 

Then, a week later, my favourite little dude started pre school. 

He loves it. Loves every single minute. Sigh...In three years, Jarvis has probably spent ten days in total not with me 24/7 (not all at once!). I was a little worried that he might not be so impressed about staying at pre school without me, even though we'd been visiting for a few months & it's a fabulous place.

Silly Mama...
'Okay, Olive & I are going to head to town & do a few jobs, is that okay?' 
'Yip, see you later! I'm just going to play with this truck now'. 

He stayed all day. 9 til 3. 
They even called me a couple of times to tell me how much of a wonderful time he was having! 

Wow. A big boy. I feel so lucky that I got to spend almost every day with him for three years - it's been a whirlwind, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. 

And I honestly think that part of the reason he was so happy to leap into his new adventure came from his experiences over the past three years. Jarvis is the most confident, adventurous little guy I've ever come across! He's had the freedom to investigate how the world works, with me loitering about in the background as a safety net. If he's ever needed me, I've been there (or not terribly far away!). He solves his own problems unless he asks for help, He sorts out disagreements with his friends himself so long as there's no chance of hospitalisation occurring! He has the ability and enthusiasm to check out new things, and make new friends. 

People have asked over the years why we haven't chosen to send him to daycare, so he could 'learn socialisation' and that sort of business...I chose to stay at home with him, so there was no need (there's only so long you can sit around for drinking tea!) - and honestly, he's certainly not lacking in social skills!! I'm not entirely sure of the origins of the myth that little guys need daycare to improve their socialisation - daycare is a super valuable asset for families who need it for any reason, but it sure wasn't on my radar when thinking about the first few years of Jarvis' life, except in case of catastrophe which led to me needing to go into full time work. 

Anyway. Ramble ramble ramble. My fabulous little guy is now three, and a pre schooler. Wow. 


  1. Heeeyy! Awesome to hear that Jarvis is loving it! That is so cool! Well done, you guys!

  2. yayy gorgeous 3 yr old! My little girl turns 3 at the very end of April... we're currently planning a circus birthday for her.. (fun fun)!

    And cool that he's enjoying his daycare! :)