Sunday, April 22, 2012

New House - Lounge!

And a lounge! Not totally buried under stuff. (only a little stuff I didn't manage to conceal!). Comfy boy on chair, baby attempting to crawl on floor, cat happily chilling on couch. Nice. 

Fabulous ancient radio, used as telly table. I couldn't get a decent photo, but on the front with the frequencies are all the towns in NZ - where to turn the dial to if you live in any particular place. Wicked cool. 

In love with the lounge suite. Our quest was a long & involved one - a new lounge suite from a regular shop just isn't our style, a super flash lounge suite from a fantastic furniture designer just isn't our budget! After trawling trade me for AGES, we found this gem. Made by Morgan Furniture (a brand I became just a little enamoured with whilst couch hunting), it's awesome. Spent many a year in the 'formal lounge' of someone's Nana, she never actually let anyone sit on it so it's still in fab condition. And it folds flat to a bed. Yeah!

I Love Lamp (and I've seen Anchorman a few too many 

And a cute, albeit a little blurry, Jarvis. 



  1. It looks so lovely and cozy, Kath! Can't wait to see it irl! X

  2. I upholstered a couch just like that one! They are fantastic, take a thrashing and brilliantly made. You did good when you scored that one. Your lounge looks awesome. One day, when our children are no longer breastfeeding lets sit in there and watch anchorman with wine. Lots of wine.

  3. You know I was thinking of you when I wrote I Love Lamp ;) It's a date. It's nearly ANZAC weekend too, the anniversary of our expedition followed by Anchorman & Wine.

    The upholstering aspect was one of the things that sold me on it - it's awesomely constructed to be deconstructed.

  4. It is an EXCELLENT upholstery project couch. My only regret with the one I did was the fabric I chose faded. Don't let my mistake be yours. Get something hardy!
    And you know I always think of you and Gissie on Anzac day.

  5. Jess - might have to lure you out to visit this week sometime? x