Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New House - New Kitchen

So, finally a picture of our new home! Photos are going to appear one at a time, the chances of more than one room being unpacked & suitable to be photographed at one time are pretty much zero. Note the fabulous pile of unpacked boxes hiding alongside the oven, and use your imagination to reveal the pantry, stacked with boxes that read 'pantry', and have their contents exploding out the top (where I've rummaged around to find a bottle of sesame oil at the precise moment I need it).

It's just a bizarre coincidence that the kitchen has a red theme. All of our red kitchen paraphernalia has been bought on special (and just happened to be red!), and the fact that the splashback happened to match it was obviously a sign that our stuff wanted to live in this kitchen!

You can't see it, but my favourite thing in the world is hiding behind the freezer...the dishwasher. Haven't had a dishwasher before, and it's my new best friend. Oh yes. Magic.


  1. I am loving having you back in blog land. Great place too.

  2. Great to be back! And flooding the blog world with posts ;)

  3. I came across your blog via Jessicas Jess I guess - I love your kitchen - and have huge kitchen envy for the red light shades! I bought some great ones from Black Cat Vintage - but they are a little smaller than yours! Good luck unpacking!