Monday, August 30, 2010

The King of Spaghetti


Saturday lunch rocks when you have a Daddy who makes awesome bacon & a gang of chickens who lay you a million eggs a day. Best carbonara in the universe!

Jarvis's Fave Carbonara

Fry as much of Daddy's super bacon as you like with a few squished garlic cloves. 
Cook a packet of pasta.  
Pour the pasta into the cooked bacon & garlic 
(turn off the heat or you'll get scrambled eggs!) 
Pour in as many whisked up eggs as you like 
Stir stir stir 
Add lots of grated parmesan and pepper
(and salt if you're not a little boy or watching your salt intake !) 



  1. those photos are sooooo cute!!!!!

  2. Those are the cutest photos EVER!!

  3. Ooh, the perfect combination of messy and delicious - the perfect meal for a little kid!

  4. FABULOUS photographs and sounds delicious!