Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hmmm. Just what is this chap up to? About to take off like superman? Leap into the air & see if he can in fact fly? Dive onto an unsuspecting cat & give her a very enthusiastic cuddle?

Lately Jarvis has been taking huge leaps - both developmentally & literally! He's specifically undertaking daredevil-esque stunts, then takes a bow afterwards in celebration of his success - even giving himself a clap. 

He knows what he's doing too - I sneakily swapped around our two couches a couple of days ago, and he made the assessment (thank goodness), that taking dives from the arm of the wooden couch just wouldn't be the same as doing it from the arm of the huge squishy couch. Instead he climbs up, balances with his arms in the air, and climbs carefully down again. I spend a lot of time sitting on the couch, trying not to make it obvious that I'm actually there to catch him if he loses his footing! 

He has a fascination with all things expensive and fragile - after the death of the camera, the ipod and a couple of mobile phones, his new target is the television. As it's a bit big to easily destroy, he's set his sights on the freeview box. The lounge is a mysterious array of things arranged in such a way that Jarvis can't climb up onto tables where his new targets are located ; a giant toybox sitting on a desk next to the stereo & freeview box, all the kitchen chairs scattered around the house (nowhere near the table, lest he decide it would make a fab stage for his dance moves), the top of the bookcases overflowing with stuff that just doesn't want to meet with the floor at speed. 

Ahhh the joy of developmentally appropriate (but potentially disastrous) exploration...I think I'm winning though, for a few days nothing of consequence has been destroyed, and he's having a wonderful time opening draws & cupboards, putting lids on bottles & containers, and racing tractors around the house. 

Even though there's been some destruction around these parts (which I have to take responsibility for...if I'd had my brain switched on, I would have shifted the fragile stuff before he had the opportunity to bust it), I wouldn't change a thing! I love my inquisitive little guy to bits :) 

PS...Hmmm. Latest item to succumb to destructaboy (or, I'm really really hoping, some bad weather & a power surge?), the piano. Ahhhhghhhhh. Off to the electronics place it goes. It crapped out in the middle of a crazy storm, just as Jarvis climbed onto the keyboard. Hmmm. Now to try and get a full sized electric piano into the car. Awesome. 


  1. Haha, I totally understand! They definitely keep us Mums on our toes! What a gorgeous photo!

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