Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday...

So, the lovely Clare at Green Valley Crafts along with a group of other wonderful bloggy ladies came up with the marvellous idea of Wardrobe Wednesday - where we all post a picky of ourselves in something we've worn during the week. We're all looking for a bit of clothing inspiration, and a few giggles ;) 

Here's yesterday's ensemble - a dress which was originally a preggo dress, a belt from Kilt to make it not a preggo dress, and a cardy from glassons! Not the most creative of outfits , but as it's been raining and raining and raining, my washing has been hanging on the line for some time and if I peek out the back door, I can still see it ;) 

If you other Wardrobe Wednesday lovelies visit, leave a comment with a linky so we can all go see what you've been wearing this week! 


  1. Very lovely! So Springy, too. The obi-stlye belt is perfect.

  2. Ohh, love it, love it, love it. I so need to start wearing more dresses. I bought a dress while I was home in Feb from Glassons and it was the perfect style for while I was pregnant but still looks good now that I'm not! Gotta love that sort of versatility :o)

  3. Hi Kathleen. Love your outfit - particularly the belt and flower in your hair - looks like you are already thinking of summer :) I'm a bit inspired to search out some good hair accessories for next week!

  4. I totally love this idea and of course your outfit! i'm going to play so check out next wednesday!!

  5. Like the wardrobe wednesday idea... but I cannot for the life of me imagine that anything I wear would rate a post!! BOOOORING!

    YOUR outfit however, very cute!

  6. Hey Kathleen, looking stylish. This is a cute idea. I've been dipping into this blog a bit lately and she does a similar thing (including a links list) on Mondays:
    I'd love to play, though with most of our wardrobe either packed for shipping or in the suitcases, there is not much to choose from. But I will try :D