Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Birthday Painting for Daddy

Jarvis created a watercolour masterpiece for Daddy's birthday...We did wet on wet painting, where you sponge the paper down first to make wonderful fuzzy effects when the paint drips onto the paper & spreads out. Very pretty!

He did a bit of colour mixing, most enjoyable!

He was super proud when he presented his painting to Daddy yesterday. Jarvis has just gotten into making pictures recently, until then he preferred collage (as in ripping bits of paper & flinging them at the cat!). I've heard a whisper that his Aunty & Uncle might just be making him an easel for Christmas, I have a feeling that'll make one little picture painting boy very happy indeed :)

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  1. Hey there :-) Just discovered your lovely blog and looking forward to reading more about your big adventure!