Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Good morning all!! Today's Wardrobe Wednesday comes to you straight from the Gisborne Herald website - thank goodness they put me in their baby expo article or I would have been struggling to find a photo of myself in these camera-less times!

My dress is a lovely, lovely new one that Shane bought me as a special present in Wellington - not such a good view of it from there, I'll have to post it again when we have the camera back! My fabulous 50 cent fake pearls are hanging around my neck and I'm accessorising with my cockatoo hand puppet (much to the joy of the little guy I'm talking to!). 

If you're in the mood to read more about Saturday, here's a linky!  It was such a fantastic day, and my voice is almost ready to return to me (I'll write some more about my new persona of Mrs Frog later on!). 

Have a great day!


  1. Cute! love the idea of a handpuppet as fashion accessory : )

  2. Very, very cute photo. Love the colour of your dress.

  3. I agree the dress is lovely - you'll have to post it again, but I like how the straps tie up at the top. I dig the accessories too!!

  4. Yes, yes - please post dress again! Great commitment to wardrobe wednesday being cameraless!!