Monday, November 22, 2010

Terrier Racing!

And in less angry news, we went to the most fantastical local invention yesterday - Terrier Racing. People bring their small (and the occasional large) dogs down for a day of races! Gorgeous! Regular running races, hurdles (where most dogs go under the jump!), fashion in the field, the Topp Twins, it was all go! 

Excuse the weird looking pics - I don't like putting anyone on here without their permission, so had to do some extreme cropping! The other problem is the old camera isn't quite so hot on the extreme action shots ;)

Jarvis met his first horse up close, he loved the horse to bits, until we tried to put him on its back! He got $3 worth of cuddles, anyhow. 

Ah, the fun with puppies. Next year we'll have to get my sister & brother in law & their terrier to come along & enter!

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