Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday...

Today's picture comes to you complete with grumpy small boy (see below!) and ancient bicycle. My awesome mother-in-law snapped up this dress for me recently (thank you!), gorgeous dress, perfect size. Magic. 

Accessorised with my favourite new hair flower (just a cheapie from equip in Palmy), and my 50 cent fake pearls. I'm actually on the hunt for a new pair of (probably fake but slightly better fake) pearls, mum's kindly offered to get me some for my birthday. Super excited - now just need to hunt some down by February! As usual, shoeless ;) I found a couple of pairs of heels under the drivers seat of my car today, go figure that's why I can never find them. 

Small growly boy's mood improved not long after this, with the help of some cheese and a tomato. 

Ahh, our lovely Clare is retiring from her position as Queen of Wardrobe Wednesday. Thank you, Clare - you've invented something very cool for us mamas out there in blog land. I'll still be a postin' too, and I'm sure we'll find a new home base! 


  1. There goes my attempt at scheduling a post!! It was supposed to get posted in the morning...oh well ;)

  2. Lovely dress!! Looks perfect on you :) I have the girl version of the grumpy boy accessory in your photo, hehe. Your gorgeous looking weather makes me sad for the winter headed our way in this part of the world!

  3. It was so nice to meet you and Jarvis....such a beautiful wee boy! Love your dress and that bike looks very cool! xxx

  4. I love the pic of Jarvis - haha! Captures that true 'toddler magic'