Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things to make me smile - My Pretty Expo Stand.

Rhiannon over at Toast & Life inspired me to get out of my blogging rut by thinking about some of the things that are making me smile right now...This past weekend I had my first 'promotional event' as such, a stall at the Gisborne Baby Expo, which definitely fit that criteria! 

My main mission was for people to see me & the Kindermusik brand, I wasn't actually selling anything, my stand was all about little kids playing instruments & laughing, and having their Mums & Dads see that there's another option around town for Early Childhood Music :) 


It was awesome! I spent all day playing with my puppets (you can see them in the middle picture - a cockatoo, a wombat & a kangaroo - rather aussie themed but very cute!), and talking (croaking? I was voiceless which was VERY uncool) to all of the lovely families who came to visit. 

People were so interested in what I had to say, the Kindergarten association want to meet with me about the Kindermusik programme written for a childcare setting (ABC Music & Me), and hopefully I'll have loads of gorgeous kids coming along to demo classes soon...

I loved setting up my stall (with the help of mum - it would have been impossible to set up a stand & wrangle a little bunny at the same time!), and it made me wish I had my own proper studio so I could keep a display up all the time! One day :) Nothing like unleashing the creativity to bring a smile to my face. Even if I was so tired after the expo that I was fast asleep by 7.30 ;)

Big thanks to my lovely friend Becca from Tiny Lovely  for letting me borrow her camera to take a picture of my stall! It was very nice indeed having a friend next door - go and visit her blog to find lots of very beautiful treasures for your little ones :) 


  1. Ahghh, don't know what happened to the formatting there. Oh well...

  2. Fantastic! Well done and love the dress you wore for the event. Sounds like you're going to have a fun, musical time coming up :)

  3. Yay, well done!!!! wow is gisborne still as pretty as ever?