Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday...ball photos from ancient times!

And here it is...the ball photo from 7th form! Like Clare, I had to do a bit of creative cropping to avoid having my old school friends come & hunt me down (although saying that, this photo came from facebook! The liquid satin look was big in '97 ;) I saved up for ages to get that dress - it cost me $175 (a small fortune) and as it was so ridiculously expensive, I had to buy it myself! I recently gave it to a friend who has a costume hire shop here in town, as I think its dancing days are over (with this girl in it anyway...although it does still fit!). 

I've left my friend in this one - with a master plan though! I lost touch with this lovely gal somewhere along the line, and as is the case with girls, she's most likely gotten married, making it totally impossible to find her :( This photo's from 1998, I was in my first year of uni and did a teaching placement in the intermediate section of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls - Helen (my missing friend!) was an English student on a gap year. Added bonus of being a young'un on teaching placement, going to the school ball! That was one awesome dress, I borrowed if from my friend Jo. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress. 

Should anyone happen to recognise my companion in silver -  her name back then was Helen Nancy Saunders (or Sanders, something along those lines!) - please send her my way!!0

With those blasts from the past I'll leave you for now, we have a student to teach & a great big walnut tree to play under :) 

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday!

PS...for more wardrobe wednesday spectaculars, visit Clare over here!


  1. Love both dresses. You look very elegant. Good luck in finding your friend x

  2. Thanks Kath :o) I agree - this has been a lot of fun... brings back so many memories, doesn't it? You look lovely - beautiful dresses! Thanks for sharing :o)

  3. I guessed just by looking that you were the same year as my sister, she had one dress almost identical to your friend in the bottom pic, and another very similar to yours but in a diffferent colour : ) Funny!
    Good luck finding your friend, I have a few people I still haven't found, but Facebook has provided me with updates for nearly everyone I've lost touch with. Funny though, how quite often you then realise you really have nothing in common with those people afterall!

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  6. So true, Rhiannon :) I've re-discovered a few people from those days who are so unlike me I do wonder how we were ever friends in the first place!!

    Luckily there are some who I'm super glad to have found again, I guess all you can do is see what happens! I've scoured facebook for Helen, but she may well be like me & doesn't have her maiden name anywhere in her profile...I don't think my blog's that widely read in the UK (ha ha), but you just never know!

    Edited TWICE to fix up things that didn't make sense. Oh dear...

  7. You look so sweet! Love the gold one.

  8. Ahh yes, I remember the liquid satin - I think I had a short black slip dress in that fabric. You look great - and yah your dress has found a new home in a costume hire - may it have many more adventures.

  9. Lovely! I didn't manage to find anything dressed up...such a I resorted to the worst 80's teen pic I could find to atone:

    I was only trailing about in merino and trackies anyway, but this is not much of a WW contribution from all did much better at finding cute images of yourselves!

  10. Oh Kath! Last time I was home in NZ I finally made the same (slightly heartbreaking) decision about the gold dress I lent you. I did adore it and was reluctant to let go but it has gone to a better home where someone else will get to feel like a princess with that marvellously swishy fabric swirling around them.