Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I really should be cleaning...

Jarvis is napping, the house is looking kind of like a tornado has whipped round the lounge, but instead of tidying it up I keep being drawn to the computer...

Loving the new car. My back in particular is loving the new car. I don't think my chiropractor will be so enthusiastic (from a health perspective he will be, but I'm sure he'll be missing the daily transactions!).

It was also pretty cool being able to go up the whareratas without having to drop to second gear. After my internet man comes to give me a proper reliable connection this afternoon I will be sure to post car photos! In the tradition of Barack Obama & his jeans, it is most definitely a 'Mom Car', but being that I am now a 'Mom' I figure it's just perfect.

We attempted to go walking yesterday, but it was a total disappointment. I loved walking for a couple of hours along the path by the beach in Napier, we did it almost every day we were there. I think we'll be back to walking along our road & back again after yesterdays effort, we drove to the botanical gardens (where I'd never actually been before), got out the pram, bundled in the boy, and after exploring every possible pathway were back at the car within fifteen minutes. Any handy hints for nice places to walk in Gisborne are appreciated! Please!

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