Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Car!

A superb day in Hawkes Bay! After realising our little car was posing a health hazard to Jarvis & I, we decided a new (to us) car was in order. I found a fantastic one online, & it happened to be in Hastings - perfect! Or not...I arranged to see this car on Sunday, called the man on Saturday evening & he's already sold it...Grrrr!!!!! Many passive aggressive exclaimation points!!!

Anyhow, after much ranting & raving about the bad man who sold my car, I formulated a new plan which involved scouring Hawke's Bay for a car. Mum, Jarvis & I set out on Sunday afternoon in the howling wind to check out the caryards. This involved Mum & Jarvis playing in the car while I ran around like a crazy lady with my notebook & pen.

I thought I'd found something which would work & was super excited. Then I got home, did my mandatory safety check on the LTSA website & found that it was horribly unsafe & possibly a death trap. Crossed off the list.

This morning we took a new approach. Jarvis went into his pram all rugged up, and we marched around Napier checking out cars. He thought this was quite enjoyable. Or it may have been the new dangly toy thingee on his pram.

After a whole lot of failure we found a great car, but it was too expensive. Thank goodness for the buyers market - I told the car yard man that it was perfect but I just couldn't stretch to that, so he knocked a thousand dollars off the price, got it AA checked for me, & even offered to get a carseat bolt installed if it was all to my liking. Done.

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Kath how exciting a new car it must be so much easier with Jarvis. Can't wait to check it out.