Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Back! The adventure begins :)

After meaning to get online for ages, here I am! Jarvis is taking a nap in his hammock, the sun is shining, the cows are staring at me from outside, life's good :)

Our beautiful boy is 3 months old now, born on March 27th. Not the home birth we'd imagined, but we did manage to stay here for most of the labour, and only went to hospital for the last 5 hours after his heartrate went up & the midwife thought it was best to transfer up where they could keep an eye on him...turned out to be a good idea as we needed a bit of extra help in the end!

Jarvis came out with a full head of hair & a wise look on his face - both of which he still has - lucky for him he hasn't rubbed his hair off like so many babies do!

We had a rough first few weeks, at 10 days the poor little monster was admitted to hospital as he's lost too much weight (and since I hadn't done any of this before I had no idea my milk hadn't come in properly!), was hooked up to all kinds of hideous machines & had food pumped into him through a tube...not cool at all. I was hooked up to an electric milking machine which made me feel rather like a dairy cow! We managed to escape after a few days, and now I have a big strong healthy boy - just hit 7.1kg this week!!! I want to go and show the paediatrician sometime just to show off!

I'll write about some of our adventures of the past few months soon, but for now here are some pictures! (if they ever load...this internet connection is driving me insane!)

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