Sunday, July 5, 2009

Maybe today...

The battle with my internet connection continues...perhaps today will be the day a photos makes it onto the internet?

A big shiny tui just landed in the tree right outside my window, went to take a picture & much to my disappointment the camera battery is totally flat! Feeling a little photographically challenged...Yesterday it was the biggest fattest kingfisher I've ever seen, in the same tree. Quite the wildlife sanctuary out there! Don't think cows really count as wildlife, but they're out there too & if I ever manage to upload any photos they'll be online too.

The cows are one of my favourite things about living on a Biodynamic property - once a year they come to wander around the vineyard & munch on the grass. They're quite unusual in that they're totally tame & you can go up & give them cuddles, which I make sure I do every day. I have a great photo from last year where Starlight & I are taking a nap together, my head on her warm tummy...magic.

Maybe I'm having a technologically challenged day in general, the easy sunday morning playlist in itunes has just started blasting out some very loud Pixies, not condusive to small baby taking a nap!
Still waiting on the photo to upload too...even though it's teeny tiny it's still taking a hundred years...

Still no photo! Maybe next time...

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