Friday, July 10, 2009


Mr Gobbles has worked out that if he uses his arms, he can stay on his tummy for much longer! He was having some fun hanging out with his friends today, surrounded by buzzy bees & rattles made of curtain rings...Good times!

Our other fun & exciting event is working out how to have a nap longer than 45 minutes. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours running around the house like a crazy person doing housework, tiptoeing back every few minutes to peek in & check that my little friend was in fact still asleep. We'd tried a myriad of complex plans to get more sleep in, with extreme failure every time (and much pain & suffering...). Latest plan is to sneak up on him about 35 minutes into the nap (he has a built in alarm clock and wakes up without fail every 45 minutes), hide under his hammock & bounce it to stop him waking up! One of the books I read (the no cry nap solution) seems to think if I do this for a week or so, he'll stop waking up in between - I'm liking that! Will see if it comes to fruition...

Just had my wonderful friends & their babies round for lunch, my soup was such a success I thought I might pop the recipe on here...

Yummy Kumara & Bacon Soup...
Some kumara (any old colour, 3 or 4)
Chicken stock (or vege. or water would probably do it!)
A bacon hock
An onion or shallot.

Roast the chopped up Kumara, onion & bacon hock for an hour or so.
Put the whole lot in a pot or slow cooker, cook it for ages.
Pull out the bacon hock, puree up the soup with a whiz stick.
Pull the meat off the bacon hock, put it back in the soup.

Yummy!! Works really nicely with pumpkin instead of kumara too.

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