Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh how we've grown...

I was just watching Jarvis playing on the floor with his favourite cow Bepanthen (as she was dubiously renamed by my husband...I'm sure her name used to be Claribelle?) and realised she's an excellent measuring stick for just how big he is! The second photo is from April 27th, when Jarvis was exactly a month old, the first one I took this morning, he's now 3 1/2 months. Back then the cow was bigger than the baby!

We've been contemplating our little person's speedy growth this week, with him having to shift out of his bassinette and into his cot, out of the pram and into the pushchair. Fortunately he seems to love his new bed and sleeps with his arms stretched out as far as they will go, just because he can! He woke up this morning & had a conversation with his new bed for about half an hour before he wanted more stimulating company.

He's less certain about the new pram arrangement, I had to take the sunshade off so he could look straight up & see me! I think he quite liked being able to see out once he got used to it, still kept glancing up to check I hadn't run off though...Next mission - how to get the thing into the car!

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